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Reviews, narrative, and game design!
Art request: Tiger and Kangaroo

Mathy ★
Mathy’s Future Blog
Mathy doing a bunch of things!
Art request: Raven (LGBTQ Pride feather accents)

Art request: “Like what if Drogon and Nymeria had a litter, Shrek-style?”

Games and Stories
Examining the stories that make games great.
Art request: Chukar

★ SpennyDunny ★
Art request: Tiger (abstract colors)

Naithin ★
Time to Loot
Finding fun in loot and adventure.
Art request: Pomeranian

Normal Happenings
A blog about Appreciating Everyday Life.
Art request: Jellyfish

The Well-Red Mage
The Well-Red Mage
A fan-supported, global community of several dozen writers dedicated to long-form gaming critique, diversity of thought, civil disagreement, and unity without unanimity.
Art request: Red Mage Cat

Nerd Side of Life
Fangirling since 1995!
Art request: Porg

eSports Analytics
It’s just for a college course.
Art request: Penguin sliding down a triforce

No website, but a nice lady!
Art request: Bunny-rabbit