Nintendo Switch Accessory Review – Switchblades Rail Cover Kickstand


Regular Backlog Crusader readers might have noticed a banner ad on the last dozen posts or so for an innovative, robust product called Switchblades. This Nintendo Switch kickstand accessory is one I had been using so much that I had actually reached out the manufacturer, Gravilogic, personally to see if they wanted to support Backlog Crusader for a while, and they did. Thanks, Gravilogic! I use my Switchblade all the time when I play my Switch. Seriously. All. The Time. Here’s my review!

In the past I had been disappointed by several other kickstand options for the Switch when I ran across the Switchblades Kickstarter earlier this year and I loved the idea for the product immediately.

Gravilogic’s Switchblades are lightweight, petite, hard to break, and easy to store. Plus, they look fantastic on the sides of the Switch! They are nearly the same size as the rail covers that attach to the Nintendo Switch joycons. Their compact design allows the Switchblades to save a lot of space in the average Switch travel or storage case compared to the endless sea of flimsy Switch accessory kickstands on the market.

The kickstand “blades” themselves are sturdy and adjustable to a surprisingly wide range of angles, allowing for use in any situation one might imagine, and they fold flush in and out of the base rails seamlessly. In fact, because the angles of both blades can be adjusted independently, Switchblades are perfect for use on uneven surfaces.

My favorite feature of the Switchblades is that, thanks to the shape of the blade tips, they do not slide around when used on top of fabric, which makes them great for propping up a Switch on the couch or on one’s bed. I play curled up in bed frequently, so this was an important factor for me and was the reason why I tried and returned or abandoned several other kickstand options prior to finding Gravilogic’s fantastic product.

The only improvement I would have liked to see for Switchblades would have been a thin patch of rubber on the tips of the stands to help prevent the plastic from shifting on smooth, flat surfaces. However, sliding on slick surfaces is an issue most kickstands suffer from and is certainly not exclusive to this product. Switchblades are well balanced, so that doesn’t happen too often with them.

Switchblades come in a variety of colors and styles: wood, plastic, and metal. I originally purchased and have been using the Purpleheart and Maple trimmed wood version and for this review I was sent the Jade Stone galaxy edition by Gravilogic, which sports a lovely, swirling green pattern. There is even a set made to match the Pokemon Let’s Go edition of the Switch! Switchblades orders arrive in a small, black velvet, drawstring sleeve for protection when not in use.

With Christmas swiftly approaching, a set of Switchblades would make a wonderful stocking-stuffer for a Nintendo fan in your life, or you could stuff your own stocking now with the code “Crusader” for 20% off through December 8th! If you try out the Switchblades, please let me know what you think!

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