Rising Stars – Gaming Blogger Spotlight #4


I wanted to make it easier for gaming writers to connect with the gaming blogger community, so I started the “Rising Stars” series where both veteran bloggers and readers can discover and welcome new or relatively unknown gaming writers into the community. I hope this will help to encourage and support individuals as well as maintain the health of the gaming blogger ecosystem overall!

You can find the previous Rising Stars posts here, and now let’s take a look at this week’s featured bloggers…

RNG – Thomas writes a wide variety of articles about a healthy spread of game genres. He’s got reviews and narrative analysis, game design breakdowns, and plenty of interesting gaming stories to boot.

Games (and Other Bits) – Larissa started writing about video games back in June and is figuring out her style. Let’s give her a big welcome!

Glittery Girly Gwent Gaming – Fancy a round of Gwent? Easha and Poppy have got you covered with their feminine take on the Witcher universe digital card game!

Watching Snow Fall – Kronick’s blog is almost entirely focused on World of Warcraft. Reading their newest series about leveling up a fresh hunter in Classic made me incredibly nostalgic for my own hunter.

Where the Monsters Are – Another newer blogger, Quin is an MMO enthusiast as well, interested in a plethora of MMOs including WoW, Everquest, LOTR Online, EVE, and more.

ProFanboy – Reza Is your go-to guy for top lists. Top titles on each system, best gaming accessories, most worthwhile video game novels– You name it, he’s got it, even cosplay ideas!


Rising Star Spotlight Nominations
Criteria: “New” bloggers are those who started writing in the past 6 months (give or take) and “relatively unknown” to be anyone with fewer than roughly 50 WordPress followers.

If you would like to be featured in a future spotlight or have a nomination for blogger(s) you think would be a good fit based on the above criteria, please shoot me an email with your or their info at angeline@backlogcrusader.com.

Thanks for reading!

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