Quantic Foundry Gamer Motivation Profile


I saw this fascinating Gamer Motivation Model by Quantic Foundry over on Krikket’s blog and instantly thought the topic would make for a GREAT new gaming blogger tag! You can take a thorough survey about your gaming preferences on Quantic Foundry’s website that will map out the motivations behind your video game preferences and gaming behavior.

I took the survey myself and was interested in the accuracy and articulation of the descriptions for each type of motivation. I’ve created a set of questions for the gaming blogger community and answered them using my results to get things started!

1. What were your results? Share the link, headline, and the two motivation model graphs you received. 

Angie’s Gamer Motivation Profile

“Calm, Spontaneous, Relaxed, Social, Story-Focused, and Creative”

2. How do you feel about your survey results?

I agree with most of my results! I have always felt that my strongest gaming motivation by far is “social gaming” which is actually somewhat odd because I am extremely introverted in real life. I have always been drawn to team games, co-op play, raiding, competitive multiplayer modes, and so on. In the physical world the most cooperative actives I used to participate in were marching and concert band performance.

3. Which category is the most accurate and least accurate?

Image result for badass wow raid screenshots

Most: Social

You may notice that I usually play, review, and post about single player games on my blog, so where is the social element? It’s you! I get my social gaming fix from the interactions with readers and fellow bloggers on various community forums of different types (like Discord). Any game can be social when there is a community to discuss the experience with. 

Image result for witcher screen shots

Least: Fantasy

I find it strange that the survey scored me so low on Fantasy because I tend to adore games that cause the player to feel immersed and part of the world, especially if there is a way to make my character look “like me”. Deep, interesting, well thought out lore is easy to get lost in and I tend to become heavily invested in characters’ backgrounds and stories. 

4. Are there any major exceptions to your typical gaming motivations?

Games intended to be difficult usually just frustrate me, but I can be persuaded to stick with a challenging game by other factors like a particularly compelling story or atmosphere. This was my experience with Hyper Light Drifter, which as you may have noticed I love so much that I used it as the inspiration for my website color motif and background.

5. Do any of these motivations carry over to your non-gaming life? If so, how?

Totally! I am art and design oriented in my hobbies. I can spend hours working on details and shading of drawings. Books and movies with a focus on the characters and story interest me far more than over the top action without a strong story or cast.

6. Which games in your experience best satisfy your gaming motivations and how do they compare to the “suggested games” list from the questionnaire’s follow up page?

The suggestions page is spot on for many of my favorite games. Guild Wars 2 checks marks a lot of the boxes all at once and best represents the results of my survey. Not only does it have deep lore, an immersive world, and a great personal story for its main characters as well as the player character, but it is brimming with both cooperative and competitive modes of play. Not to mentioned its character creator is robust and there are thousands of clothing options for characters that can be dyed any color the player wants.

Choose a few gaming writers to tag! There is no need to come up with new questions for this one unless you really want to. Have fun!






13 comments on “Quantic Foundry Gamer Motivation Profile”

  1. I’m always a bit wary when it comes to online surveys, as many of them are not much better than “What Shrek character are you?”. Recently, however, Kim on Later Levels has published an article in which she has introduced a study of “Gamer Segmentation”, which turned out to be pretty well made.
    So I’ll give it a shot 🙂


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