Patreon Update: Game Industry PR Contact Assistance (Early Bird Special!)


I’ve been thinking of ways to sweeten the pot of my Patreon rewards and I have an idea I think may appeal to many gaming bloggers, YouTubers, and streamers in particular!

I have become quite good very quickly at forming relationships with dev and publisher PR contacts and acquiring review keys for new games. I’m finding so much success with this that I don’t actually have time to review everything I get keys for!

With that in mind, I will be adding the following benefit to my $1 and $5 pledge tiers:

Backlog Crusader PR Assistance – Have the opportunity to receive PR contact info for those in charge of handling review keys for upcoming games (with their permission)! This reward includes coaching on how to find appropriate contacts for games you like and how to craft professional reach outs likely to get a response.

I already have permission from a half dozen contacts for this representing new and upcoming games such as Eagle Island, Songbird Symphony, and Grand Guilds. 🙂

Early Bird Offer: If you pledge at $1 or $5 before the end of July, you’ll retain this benefit forever at that tier. As my contact network increases, I will be moving this reward permanently to the $5 tier then $10.

I’ve also added a benefit to the $1 tier:

Receive in your mailbox a physical thank-you card with your favorite animal or creature hand drawn inside! (Example)

If you like my reviews, culture writing, collabs, rising star posts, or old retail rants, please consider becoming a Backlog Knight today! ❤

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