Zoids… Remember that anime with the giant mecha animals?


Zoids was one of my first and favorite animes when I was a teen. I would build the old Hasbro model kits in middle school and junior high all the time! My parents even used them as incentive for earning good grades. Now I’m 27 and for years I would occasionally get his strong urge: I should build a Zoid...

Onto the internet I went and I found these awesome, beautifully complex kits by HMM that are similar in difficulty and pose-ability to Perfect grade Gundam kits. They are a blast to build! I taught myself to do detail painting and dry brushing as well to really make them pop.

I got good enough at it that people would ask for recommendations on forums. I ended up making a tutorial on getting started with the kits, which I posted to Youtube. That leads me to the best/worst, most hilarious creepy PM I’ve ever received in my life. I’ve preserved it for posterity here because it was such a gem. Not safe for work PMs below, but I’ve censored it a bit.

So that was amazing. He was a very confused robot. Just call me Good ol’ Perky Boob I guess.

Anywho, I have a lot more kits to share if there’s interest! And also my kingdom for new, actually good Zoids video game. Haven’t seen a decent one since Battle Legends on the Gamecube!

Thanks for reading!

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15 comments on “Zoids… Remember that anime with the giant mecha animals?”

  1. That DM is spectacular. It’s a cut above “open bob and vagene” for sure.

    I remember Zoids, but only from the ’80s. I had a couple of toys that I think originated from America, like Aaron says above. I don’t know what happened to them, but I remember them being pretty cool; fully articulated and possibly clockwork, too? I forget the exact details.

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    1. I know right?! Truly a work of art. I’ll cherish it forever.

      The Tommy/Hasbro ones were motorized by wind up or battery depending on the size. I have like 30 of them back at my parent’s place. They aren’t as articulated as the new HMMs. I looooove the possibility of the HMMs.

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  2. Hahahahah!!! Dude I remember you showing me and Katie that comment! Omg! What a wonderful creepy dude 😂😆

    Shadow Fox! One of my favorites as well. I still have my Liger Zero from when we were kids. I remember when you and I would sneak into your parents clothes closet to see what Zoids they bought to bribe you.

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    1. Thank you!

      Chaotic Century Guardian Force was my favorite, when the characters were all adults. New Century was good too. I haven’t been able to get into the new series that’s ongoing now though. What about you?

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      1. Both seasons of Chaotic Century are my favorites. They eclipsed New Century’s place on the list pretty quickly, though I still enjoy some aspects and episodes in the series. That first battle between Bit and Leon in their separate Ligers was fantastic!

        I haven’t paid attention to Zoids: Wild since the early promotional material came out. It sounds like a reboot rather than a continuation of the series, and that doesn’t really appeal to me. Did you ever watch Fuzors and/or Genesis?

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      2. Fuzors was okay, but the episodes weren’t played much or in order in Toonami so it was hard to follow. I never saw Genesis. I don’t think it was aired in the US?

        Leon vs Bit was great! I still have the blade liger in my kit backlog to do one day. NC was better for battles and CC was better for story.

        Wild is weird because the Zoids are smaller and the pilots ride them like mounts. There’s no cockpit or anything. The cast is super young and it just didn’t hold my interest. 😦

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      3. I had heard that Genesis played in the U.S., but I have never found an English dub for it, so that’s probably a rumor. It’s available on the ‘Net with English subtitles, if you’re interested in watching it. The story isn’t bad, but I still prefer CC.

        Fuzors not only aired out of order stateside, but the Canadian translators had the Japanese writers extend the episodes so they would fit in half hour time slots. They also had the writers alter the stories somewhat. Among other things, this means that RD and the other characters were far more capable in the Japanese version of the series than they were in the English dub, which is a real shame. I might have enjoyed the series more if they had left it alone.

        Yes, Wild’s interpretation of the zoids is odd. I understand they’re supposed to evolve from the mount form to the familiar forms of CC over time, but that doesn’t explain why they’re on Earth rather than Zi. Nor does it make their piloting system sensible. (How is the pilot supposed to avoid being shot or knocked off his seat without a canopy? The canopies can’t protect against everything, of course, but still…)

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  3. I am a zoids super fan!

    My favorite series is of course CC but Genesis is a close second. NC was fun and has my favorite zoid in it the Fury or Fuhrer depending on translation. Fuzors was a stretch and not very good in the dub or japanese version. And lastly is wild… Doesn’t even count… Not Zoids and ruining the franchise.

    I would like to know where your getting your models. I have always wanted to do the modeling but I can’t find even the least of them for under $100.

    Creepy comment guy aside, I am.thrilled to find that at least some Americans are into Zoids. The fact that you are female just makes it better… Not because of “perky boobs” but because it’s always been a kind of males only club. I am thrilled to see you standing up in for what you like.


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