Star Trek Adventures with my Grandmother


I grew up watching Star Trek with my grandmother. Everyone called Grandma “Sugar” because she was so sweet toward everyone in her life. I used to spend entire weekends marathoning Star Trek episodes with her when I would visit while growing up. She passed away eight years ago on Mother’s day weekend, and I miss her.

Voyager was our favorite, but we watched them all! My cousin had gradually gifted her all the series on DVD in prior years, which was a delight. I would curl up behind the crook of her knees on the couch as a child while we watched.

I remember zooming around the house pretending each room was a different planet I was visiting on away missions in the Delta Flyer, then I would come back to her in her TV room and give her a report on my discoveries. Often first contact was made with a new species and it always went well, of course. The civilization who ate nothing but ice cream was a clear favorite, and the one full of people who all had cute, alien pet hamsters was a close runner up, if I recall.

When I was older I would affectionately teach Grandma how to operate her DVD player for the umpteenth time while we decided which episodes to watch. We would discuss the moral-ethical quandaries and the social commentary that Star Trek broached. I learned to logically intellectualize. We talked about the characters and the novels and how cute Tom and B’elanna were. Grandma was particularly fond of any episode featuring Q. He was a riot!

I was rewatching some Voyager recently and the theme music nearly brought me to tears with a wave of nostalgia. It sent me right back to those days fangirling over Captain Janeway with my grandmother. Janeway was a strong female leader and role model, which was uncommon in sci fi at the time. We appreciated that about Voyager in particular.

At her funeral I spoke about my grandmother’s many amazing traits, how generous she was, how much she loved children among many other things, as well as our love of Star Trek. I sent her off with “live long and prosper up there” and the appropriate hand sign. I know it sounds corny, but everyone in the family knew she was a passionate Trekkie and there were some understanding chuckles from the many in attendance.

Grandma made a deep impression on young me that lingers to this day. She taught me to love sci fi. She helped me learn to imagine and dream. By asking me what I thought, rather than telling me what to think, she instilled in me a preference for open minded, kind hearted discussion of morals and ethics. Also coffee. Coffee, black.

9 comments on “Star Trek Adventures with my Grandmother”

    1. Yaaaas! Just keep in mind the first season or two of each series is usually a little rough. For some reason Star Trek series tend to take a little while to really hit their stride hahah


      1. It’s really good but IMO it’s better with some context of the other series and how the regular Star Trek formula operates. Part of DS9’s appeal is that it’s SO different from the other established series, with an overarching plot rather than one shot episodes, and compliments the lore you already knew from those. Plus O’Brien and Keiko in general, Worf story stuff, other character cameos from the main series like The Riker twin, etc.

        Also it has probably the most rough season 1 of any of the Star Trek series, which could scare off a new watcher, but the BEST later seasons of any of them.

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      2. I completely agree, a complete newcomer to Star Trek might enjoy TNG more. 😁 Still in the age of serialized storytelling, DS9 has kind of grown new legs.

        Lol, DS9’s first season is definitely not great, but it does have a few saving graces. Emissary, Duet, and In The Hands of The Profits come to mind. But you’re right, it’s a little rocky.

        It’s also shorter than the rest of the seasons. Thank goodness. 😂

        If I had to pick a best season 1 in Star Trek, I’d have to give it to your favorite, Voyager! Even though I’m not as big of a Voyager fan as you, I love the immediate chemistry with the actors in that show! 😁


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